the hotel

Slow mornings. How long has it been since you had breakfast without keeping your eyes on the clock? Here, the pace is ruled by feelings, like a wave in the sea, always gentle and warm. This is the time to take off your shoes, listen to your heart, and let the wind show the way – preferably, while listening to the birds singing.

The structure of the hotel ensures a peaceful atmosphere. It features nine exclusive bungalows facing a pristine beach, filled with coconut trees and a strip of fine white sand. To contemplate all this, a deck by the sea offers the ideal place to relax. A massage gazebo, hammocks across the gardens, a restaurant integrated into the landscape, and a cozy reading room complement the paradisiacal setting.


about us

Amendoeira was created from the dream of living in harmony with nature and the desire to share it with all those around us. Our refuge is the materialization of the desire to create a welcoming space that offers tranquility on the sand and the luxury of absolute rest.

The hotel’s spirit is complete when our guests feel at home – and even more so, when we are able to put into practice the concepts of sustainability that guide our attitudes. More than being an exclusive hotel in a well-preserved location, the soul of Amendoeira is reflected in the smile of a team that cares for the well-being of each of our visitors.