Sustainability is the cornerstone of the work we carry out inside and outside the hotel. In this space, we share policies and initiatives to minimize our impact on the environment and ensure that we have a positive effect on people and the ecosystem around us.


responsible tourism

Since 2004, Amendoeira has attracted a variety of visitors to the region. That is why we feel the duty to promote practices that are kind to the nature around us. In this way, we support and encourage community-based and low-impact tourism and instruct our guests on conscious practices.


renewable energy

Our goal is to use the least amount of energy possible without sacrificing our guests’ comfort. With that in mind, our bungalows have been designed for maximum use of wind and sunlight. In addition, we have invested in subtle and economical night lighting. Photovoltaic panels capture solar energy to generate electricity and to heat the water that is supplied to common areas and accommodations, ensuring the hotel’s self-sufficiency.


Composting, recycling and waste reduction

Here at Amendoeira, we believe in the power of cycles. For that reason, we use the compost material from the restaurant’s leftover food as fertilizer in our organic vegetable garden and in the hotel’s garden. Many of the ingredients used in our recipes are harvested in this fertile land cultivated with care.

Non-organic waste is sent for recycling by Coopvila – a cooperative of garbage collectors from Maceió, and we avoid using plastic packaging as much as possible. We use, for example, paper bags in restrooms and prefer fresh products as opposed to processed ones, thereby reducing our waste production.


Sustainable cuisine and organic garden

Simplicity and sustainability set the tone in our kitchen. Here, our dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients and organic products harvested from our own backyard or purchased from local producers, farms and fishermen.

The gastronomic experience that we seek to provide is also related to the search for minimizing the impact on the nature that surrounds us. In addition to all leftover food becoming fertilizer for our organic vegetable garden, we have opted, wherever possible, for homemade and artisanal production, thereby avoiding ultra-processed products and the excessive use of packaging.


Environmental conservation

The local fauna and flora have been here long before we were – so we care for their habitat with respect and reverence.

In addition to supporting and participating in initiatives aimed at protecting and conserving the Costa dos Corais region, we organize and participate in efforts to clean beaches, rivers, and mangroves, as well as instruct our guests on conscientious conduct in marine environments.

We do not use corals, shells or other animals in the hotel’s décor and respect the laws on fishing. The hotel does not prune or deforest the sandbank vegetation or the mangrove and uses sustainable wood in its buildings, prioritizing an architecture with the least impact on the surrounding landscape.


Care for the waters

The water used in our laundry is collected from the rain, and the amenities offered to guests are biodegradable, in order to minimize the toxins discharged into our water treatment system. The bath water is treated and reused to water the hotel’s garden. Here, we do not use herbicides or pesticides that can pollute groundwater.

The disposal of water used in common areas and bungalows is carried out through a septic tank, which uses bacteria in order to purify it and return it to the environment with the least possible impact.


Respect for people

Whether a guest, employee, partner, or member of the local community, everyone is valued and treated with respect at Amendoeira. We believe in warm hospitality and in attentive and professional service to create a unique and positive experience.

We value fair and equal work, always aiming at the personal growth of our team. We currently employ 26 staff, all of whom live in nearby villages.

We give priority to local producers and service providers, support community-based tourism, and are always attentive and engaged in forums and public discussions aimed at improving the community’s wellbeing.


Yandê Institute

Iandê is a word from the Tupi language, which simultaneously means “we” and “our.” When spelled with a “y” instead of an “i,” the word is given the adjective “big:” a collective body, with the desire to grow in harmony with the environment. That is the idea behind the non-governmental organization established in 2012 by Pousada da Amendoeira and a group of residents from Passo do Camaragibe, São Miguel dos Milagres, and Porto de Pedras.

Its goal is to contribute to the common good and to collaborate for the sustainability of a region with a strong tourist appeal, but still lacking in several areas. For this reason, the actions promoted with the communities of the region focus on education, culture, and the environment. Want to know more? We would love to share more information!


sistema B

Since January 2020, Pousada da Amendoeira has been part of the Global Movement of B Corporations. Being a B Corp certified company – an initiative active in over 50 countries, which consolidates transparency in processes and concern with socioenvironmental impacts – is an enormous achievement.

It is the recognition that our relationship with the environment and the local community is based on practices that range from efforts to keep beaches clean, investments in recycling, composting, cultivation of organic vegetables and use of solar energy to the implementation and organization of sustainable projects to support education, environmental conservation, health, and income generation.